Based in Amsterdam .

Closet therapy
They rock it!

If your wardrobe overflows, if you no longer know what goes with what, if you sometimes want to get rid of everything to start all over again, DO NOT PANIC.
Studio EEN has the solution for you : a dressing therapy.

Find treasures in your wardrobe, transform pieces that you have neglected into MUST HAVES,
get rid of the 20 bad quality white t-shirts you have because you only need ONE/EEN that will walk part of the way with you, learn to shop intelligently without feeling guilty, you rediscover the excitement of wearing an item & appreciate the effort it took you to afford it.

Marine’s role is to spend a day with you sorting out your closet and in a way bring a little more lightness in your life.

The planet will thank you,
and your wallet too.

Replace compulsive buying with smart purchases.

With love.