How did the idea of CLOSET THERAPY come to me ?

I’ve always loved fashion, it’s my heritage.

My great-grandmother knew the value of beautiful pieces, in her cupboards there were treasures. Magnificent Hermès scarves, Chanel quilted bags or checkers from Louis Vuitton.
She didn’t buy much, but when she did buy it was a choice of the heart. Pieces that have been passed on over time, my grandmother, then my mother, then me. Treasures that are treasured.

Around the age of 20, I decided to pursue my studies in a fashion school in Lyon, France.
Loving fashion is one thing, but I wanted to understand it above all. Its origins, its evolution,
its values, its impact, its creators. I have always been fascinated by the audacity of Coco Chanel who played with male / female codes, or Ives Saint Laurent, this modernist loving exoticism.

This love of fashion, this curiosity and this desire to learn has never left me even if my professional life took a completely different direction. I became a designer. I started earning my living, spending astronomical sums of money to fuel my wardrobe, I always wanted more, I was always missing something. I bought excessively. Then I started to travel and roaming the world.

Have you already tried to fit everything in a 6 liters backpack ?
A NIGHTMARE ! It forces you to make choices, take only the essentials.
After 25 countries, a single article was systematically part of the adventure, LEVI’S shorts found in a French thrift store 10 years ago. It might sound silly, but it has been my traveling companion for so long that even the day I don’t fit in it because of the hundred cookies I ate, I will never EVA get rid of it. 

When I arrived in Amsterdam, I had the chance to work for BA&SH, a french brand.
I learned a lot there. A LOT. I learned to how to properly analyze women, understand them and enhance them with pieces in which they feel good, they feel themselves, they feel beautiful.


After my last trip to Cambodia always accompanied by my LEVI’S I had a sacred awareness. Our planet is dying, slowly but surely,  we all know it even if sometimes it is easier to pretend being blind. In the space of 15 years, Western consumption of clothing has doubled, while we keep it half as long. The textile industry has become a major polluter while exploiting social misery.

When I got back I wanted to lighten up, sort out, keep only the pretty pieces, the ones I know the value of. Giving meaning to my wardrobe.

And from there was born STUDIO EEN. As you know, or if you don’t, EEN means ONE. 
One choice, one right choice. 

what is a CLOSET THERAPY e x a c t l y ?

A CLOSET THERAPY is a way to help you find treasures in your wardrobe, transforming pieces that you have long left behind as must-haves. It’s shopping without feeling guilty, coming home with not 15 new pieces but only ONE that you really needed, that you truly wanted.
It’s enjoying the excitement going through all your body. It’s to appreciate the efforts it took you to get it. 

Reasonable, intelligent and responsible fashion.
Sorting your closets, tidying up, making room, it’s also lightening your mind.
Pretty piles, clothes that really fit you, airy hangers, less items but good essentials, the right cuts, the prints that make all the difference.

Let’s make a change together.