The closet therapy

Book your whole day with Marine, in the reassuring privacy and comfort of your own home.
A moment apart, alone in front of your mirror with all your purchases, your entire closet, a part of your life and memories, your habits good or bad, your body the way how it is, your doubts & your desire for change.


After a big sorting which consists in keeping only what suits you and is neither tired nor too
old-fashioned, Marine will identify the key pieces of your wardrobe for you in order to highlight the essence of your style.

Together you deconstruct your “outfits forever” to add this twist of styling you were missing.
The idea is to compose a maximum of silhouettes with your own wardrobe and find treasures that you no longer wear. Marine will take a picture of you in you new stylish looks so you can always have them on your phone and remember if you are doubting. Together you will target the right pieces that are missing from your closet. You will receive your personalized file with all your looks, some inspirational mood-boards, some really nice Instagram accounts you must follow and the purchase links of any items you might miss.

Until July 21th get 15% off. 425,-

The MAYDAY visio call


Give Marine a call, ask her all the questions you want, benefit from her expert advice,
her addresses & her tips.

First, send us pictures of you preferably in a neutral outfit in front of your mirror.
It will give us a better idea of your morphology and skin tones (never underestimate the skin tones, this is what allow us to choose the colors which fit you the best).
Those pictures will help us to target your profile and bring you solutions to solve in order to solve your problematic.

After our MAYDAY CALL, you will receive a file with our advices, some mood-boards to inspire you, and all the links and good addresses you need to be able to buy the offered clothes.


* Given the situation related to COVID-19,
know that all measures will be taken to guarantee your health.